What Chores Should Your 10 Year Old Be Doing?

Posted by Amanda Grace on May 20, 2015

Is your child completing chores around the house? Children as young as 1 and 2 years of age have the ability to help out around the house by picking up their toys when they’re done playing or tossing a diaper into the garbage for mommy.

Giving children chores at a young age helps them better understand responsibility which helps them later in life. Chores also teach cleanliness and a number of additional skills your child needs in life.  Your child can greatly benefit with the assignment of various chores around the house. At the age of 10, your child is fully capable of performing a number of different tasks.

The 10-year old child should need little supervision while completing their chores. Do not assign anything that is too demanding; however, understand that the child can complete many different tasks. For the 10-year old, chores benefit them by giving them responsibility as well as a self-sufficiency, which they’ll certainly need later on in their life.

It is important that your 10-year old understand ahead of time the chores that he or she is expected to complete. Make sure that you are not too hard on your child so that they do not feel pressure to be perfect. Also, don't go overboard on the assignments. However, make sure that your child does have a guideline of what is expected of them. It is a good idea to use a chore chart to assign chores, especially if you have two or more kids in the household.

Chores that a 10-year old can complete include sorting laundry, washing and drying the dishes, dusting the blinds, cleaning up after pets, watering the garden, rake leaves, fold clothes, take the trash to the can, walk the dog, check the mailbox, set the table, load and unload a dishwasher and even help clean the sinks and floors in the house.

Children should have chores four to five days per week, ensuring that they do not interfere with the child’s homework or other school related activities. Give your child reasonable expectations and time to complete their chore. Also keep in mind that it is a 10-year old doing the work, so perfection isn’t something that should be expected.

Most children this age aren’t interested in doing chores, thus it is important that you start early so they understand it is a normal and expected part of life. There should be consequences if chores are not completed, but potential rewards when they are done as promised.  Remember that chores are assigned in addition to the regular duties expected of the child, such as putting laundry in a dirty clothes hamper or keeping his or her room neat and tidy.