Weird Parenting from Around The World

Posted by Jo Ann Schlicker on February 28, 2015

In the United States, children are coddled and protected. At the slightest provocation, well-meaning people call Child Protective services. You cannot let the child walk to a nearby park or ride a bus alone.

It is not that way in other countries. Read about these customs around the world that conflict with what USA parents think is the right way to raise a child.

No Eye Contact

Kisii, or Gussii, moms in Kenya carry their babies everywhere. They do not encourage the baby when he makes those first coos. They look away from his face. Looking someone in the eyes is considered a putting them in control. Most parents do not want a child in control.
In the US, most parents react with delight, coo, babble back, and delight in eye contact with their child.

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