Water, the Natural Prophylactic

Posted by Olufisola Agboola on September 10, 2015

Nature has wisely provided us with water for the maintenance of the human body system. It is not for no reason that water is so ubiquitous.  Water stares us in the face all around.  It also nudges us in subtle ways. It rains, it snows and is present en mass in the sea, rivers, lakes and underground.  It is present in the air, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and other foods that we eat.  In many ways nature inundates us with the elixir that we need.

Water is especially formulated to support life and that's why it is the only natural substance that has the properties that enable it to exist easily in the three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.  Water blends and works harmlessly with cells and nutrients to nurture and maintain animal and plant systems.  It cleanses the human system of toxins and wastes, acts as a body coolant, aids digestion, lubricates joints, maintains body balance, and maintains body functions.  With water adequately present in the body to carry out these functions, illnesses like arthritis, pimples, acne, kidney stones and many others can be prevented.

We can save ourselves several dollars in health bills and avoid the consequences of drug reactions and side effects if only we endeavour to have enough water always in our body.

Hardly can we take too much water to keep the body in the right functional state.  The body has to remain at 60% water while specific parts like the blood, brain, lungs, kidneys, bones, skin, muscles need to be 82%, 73%, 83%, 79%, 31%, 64%, 79% respectively of water but daily activities, weather and the environment keep depleting the body of water, by the minute.  Water leaves the body through sweat, breath, urine and stool.  The way to have enough water in the body is to continually drink it so that we can replace the precious liquid as the body loses it.  Although we get water into the body also through foods, this can only give us about 20% of our requirement.

So, do not hesitate to drink water as refreshment throughout the day.  Water should be consumed during and after meals, after strenuous exercises and tasks, on journeys, and after alcohol consumption.  Some conditions such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or certain health status demand more of a regular intake of water.

When we neglect to drink enough water or our bodies suddenly lose too much for any reason, there are indicators to tell us that we are short of water and we need to take some in.  Thirst is one reminder while significant coloration of the urine is another.  There are other indicators for the doctors and other health professionals to pick, but those two can be recognized by anyone.

Water helps the body in many other ways apart from what it does by working directly inside pf it.  Bathing with water cleans and soothes the body.  Swimming provides exercise.  Lounging or living around bodies of water is refreshing.  Cold or hot water compresses ease swellings and pains.

For all that you want for your body - overall good health, younger skin, shiny hair, keener senses - plenty of water could be all you need.  Just hydrate to stay well.