Tips for Loads of Fun

Posted by Jo Ann Schlicker on April 28, 2015


There are lots of things that kids can do to have fun. You can make things for them to use for fun times. Here are a few ideas you might not have imagined. I am sure your imagination will soar and think of even better ways to banish blah days.

Buy some glow sticks and add some of the liquid to a bottle of bubble solution. The bubbles will glow in the dark to the amazement of all. Kids will love it, but it might be fun at grown up parties also.

For bubbles that do not break easily, add half a cup of corn syrup to a cup of dishwashing liquid. Add food coloring if you desire.  Dark corn syrup will have a color of its own.

It is best to play with these outside so you don’t have to clean bubble mess out of the carpet or furniture. They do break eventually. Don’t worry about them floating through space forever.

Get some thick liquid starch and add food coloring to small amounts of it. Use a couple of drops of food quality food coloring to a quarter cup of starch. You can also make safe, edible finger paint from plain yogurt or vanilla pudding. This is especially good for toddlers or older babies as it is safe and easy to clean up. Good thing kids are washable.

The ingredients for edible sculptures are simple, but the fun is unlimited. Provide some big and small marshmallows, an assortment of gum drops, and some toothpicks and stick pretzels.

Start the fun by showing how to connect the marshmallows/candy into a building, tower, or shape by using the toothpicks, or pretzels, as connectors. You could even string pieces of licorice sticks over some of the toothpicks if you want.

Use other foods such as cheese cubes, veggies sliced or cubed or whatever your imagination comes up with, or ask your kids. Could round crackers be wheels?

Collaborate on making a city or building complex. Now who can make the most creative structures?

Take your toddlers out to paint. Give them plastic pails of water with food coloring added and some foam or hair brushes from the dollar store.

Tell them to paint the fence, the swing set, or whatever is in your yard. They will think they are painting because the structure will darken for a time. It all cleans up easily.

Take them fishing. Hang a length of string from a piece of broomstick or a straight branch. Fasten a nut or two at the end of the string. Go to a lake or pond and fish. Take one adult to supervise each child. Finish the trip with a lunch or dinner treat.

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