Tips For Busy Parents To Lose Weight

Posted by Ruby Gray on June 08, 2015


Moms and Dads are always on the go these days, running hither and yon to take their kids from one activity to another.  It's hard to eat healthy and maintain an ideal weight when you're always in a rush and there's a tempting fast-food place conveniently located along your route. Try some of the following tips to help you get started on your way to become healthy, lose weight, and set a good example for your kids.

Plan all of your meals and treats ahead of time. Knowing what you'll make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner assures that you won't throw something unhealthy together at the last minute just to get the family fed. You'll also know exactly what to buy at the store and won't be tossing junk food into the cart.

We know to cut back on our sugar intake, but don't cut it out completely. That could leave you feeling deprived and make you want to give up all together. Instead, allow yourself a small serving of a low calorie treat. Eat it at the same time every day or only once a week if you can manage. Break it up into small sections and take the time to enjoy and savor every bite. The best choice for a sweet treat is fresh fruit.

All calories are not created equal, so it's more involved than simply counting calories. 100 calories worth of fruits and veggies is definitely healthier than 100 calories of a sugary drink or snack. Calories from celery or carrot sticks will also make you feel fuller than the empty calories in a handful of chips. Pack some of your favorite fruits and vegetables in a sandwich bag to carry along with you when you're out on the road. Make it a rule to never eat in the car and you'll be less tempted to stop at one of those fast-food places.

Adding fiber to your main meals will make you feel fuller quicker. A bean burrito made with a whole wheat tortilla is an excellent choice. Starting your meal with a salad will fill your stomach so you will eat less of your main course. Grazing on food while cooking or standing in the kitchen can pack on pounds you don't even notice.

Always eat from a plate while seated so you are conscious of the amount of food you are eating. Take the time to chew your food. It gives your stomach time to digest the food and makes you aware when you are full. Conversation around the family dinner table not only lets you connect, but also slows you down so you're not gobbling your food in a hurry.

Keep in mind that it's a process that may take some time and these are just a few tips to help you on your journey.

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