Time for Potty Training?

Posted by E.J. Volkmar on May 19, 2015

You won’t be able to train your child until they are ready to be trained. If you are ready but they aren’t, it just won’t work. If you have tried and have not been to successful, ask yourself if your child is ready.  Don’t worry because some kids take longer than others. This does not mean that they will be going to high school in diapers. Don’t count on all of your children potty training at the same age.
As was true for us, getting the kids to go "number two" was probably the hardest part of training them; I bet this is hard for many parents. What we did was a little white lie because our youngest some gave us such a hard time.  We told him that his poop went out to the sea to feed all the hungry fish. We told him that if he did not poop they would not be able to eat. Being the caring lovely son he was he sat there until he went so he could save the fish.
When your child is ready for potty training take your child to the bathroom every ten minutes for a while, then work up to 15, then 20 and then 25. By the time you are done with the every 25 minutes step you child should be able to go on their own. Please note when I did this it only worked with peeing, pooping was a little more involved.
Many parents swear that M&M’s are the key to potty training. Many parents use the following awards for potty training. If the child goes in the toilet they give them two or three, If they learn to wipe themselves and actually do it they get four or five. I have found this to really help with the wiping aspect of it.

Once again, do this only when your kids are ready. When they are ready let them run around naked before their nightly bath.  While they are running around naked encourage them to go to the bathroom. Many parents swear by this. Once they can go like this, try bringing them to back to wearing underwear.
Be really patient, especially with number two. There are not a lot of easy tricks here. Bring your child to the bathroom when you think they have to go and set them on the toilet. It usually takes quite a long time so what we used to do is read our kids a book to take their mind off of what they were doing.