The Last Month of Pregnancy

Posted by Mpho Ashworth on August 12, 2015

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be very tough; you can't sleep very well, eating flares up your heartburn, you're exhausted, maybe even grumpy, among others. But with the end in sight, and as the countdown begins, the last month of your pregnancy can be equally as exciting. Your baby is almost ready to make its entry into the world and the countdown can now begin.

Here are pointers to help you through the last stretch.

If you still have the energy, scrub your house clean. Use this time to clean the house from top to bottom before your baby arrives. Alternatively, get a cleaning company in to sort it out for you. This option will free you up to focus on other important things that need your attention.

Get your hospital bag packed. It doesn't sound like much, but getting your bag ready as early as possible will ensure that you don't forget to pack any of the important things you will need. Some of the things to include in your bag are nursing bras, sensible underwear, yours and the baby's going home clothes and travel-sized toiletries. Comfortable yoga pants and t-shirts are a good choice for you.

Enjoy sleep while you can. Sleeping in the last few weeks of pregnancy is almost impossible because at this advanced stage, it's not very easy to find a comfortable resting position. However, as difficult as it is, once the baby arrives, your sleeping pattern will become even more irregular.

Stock up on your favorite staples. Non-perishable food items such as granola bars, pasta, breakfast cereals; foods that don't require much prep time will come in handy. These will be good for a quick meal, especially if they can be eaten with one hand. Remember, you will have days when you're rushed off your feet and may not be able to leave the house, especially in the early days.

You may also want to double up on the meals you make to freeze some for future use. This will save you time and energy when the baby arrives.

Pamper yourself. Pregnancy is exhausting and will leave many a woman feeling uncared for, frumpy and fat, especially during the last month. Boost your confidence and lift your spirits by booking yourself in for a pamper session. Treat yourself to a new haircut, a massage, manicure or pedicure. Or even the whole lot. You deserve it!

Get walking. Load up your mp3 player with your favorite music and take to walking. Walking is good exercise but still gentle enough for you even at this stage. It will also reduce stress, help you beat boredom, and may even lead to an easier labor.

Go out on a date and savor the moment! Remember you may not get to spend as much quality time together for a very long time once the baby arrives.

The closer you get to your due date, you may want to invest in a waterproof sheet for your bed, in case your waters break while you're in bed! This will make cleaning the amniotic fluid easier and less messy.

Lastly, stay positive and happy. You're close to finally cradling your baby in your arms. Think of and visualize a smooth delivery.