The Health Benefits of Journaling

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 11, 2015

The power of pen to paper is intense, and allowing your hand to construct the words that fill the page can be an extremely therapeutic method of keeping your mental health in-tact. As early as the 10th century people in Japan were recording their thoughts onto paper and the tradition has continued to help men and women in a number of ways. Some of the world’s most successful people put pen to paper and kept journals, including Presidents, poets, CEOs and many others. It is a good idea to start this tradition if you’ve yet to discover just how meaningful it can be.

Journaling gives you a free platform to vent, cry, curse, scream or rejoice your happiness. You can recollect the events of the day, help yourself say things that you cannot say in real life and even praise your existence on this Earth. Your journal is your very own, and no one else will see the words that you write, unless you choose to show it to them. You can choose when to write in the journal, whether that is daily, weekly or simply when something heavy is weighing on your mind.

Plenty of research has been put into the effects of journaling. It is suggested that keeping a journal improves the levels of blood cells, reduces stress and anxiety levels and improves our mood.  Evidence is also there suggesting that journaling can reduce the severity of asthma and even improve the symptoms of arthritis. A journal is non-judgmental and enables you to confidently and boldly express yourself without fear or repercussion.

Of course everyone already knows that journaling has a positive impact on your state of mind. It can make you feel good inside to release the emotions that are being held deep within. You can not only instantly improve your mood, you can also improve your levels of confidence and self-esteem and so much more. Through the art of journaling you can come to better terms with situations and circumstances in your life and can get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

There are many other benefits found with journaling, but it shouldn’t take much more convincing to help you make the decision to keep a journal. You will absolutely love what it can do for you! Get out your paper and let your mind take you away.