Summer Safety and Health for Your Toddler

Posted by Ranie Denver on June 10, 2015

A toddler is enchanted with the world all around him, and in the summer when things are more relaxed and everyone tends to be out of doors more, a toddler's world expands quickly. Most toddlers are more than ready to experience a wide variety of new things and will be entertained with the simplest of outdoor activities.

However, outdoors and summertime can mean dangers for your child if he is not watched closely.

The first is sunburn. A toddler's skin is more sensitive than an older child's skin and much more so than an adult's skin, so be liberal with the sunscreen and limit the time that he spends in the direct sunlight. Move toys and activities to a shady place when you can.

Secondly, be very careful when your toddler is playing in water. A child can drown in very little water; much less than you would think. It's so much fun to splash or just sit in a kiddie pool and it seems like your child is enjoying it so much that surely you can slip in to grab a glass of iced tea. Don't. It only takes a second for a child to "breathe" in water and that can be deadly.

Keep your child hydrated. A lack of water is a very real cause for many health problems. In the summer when your kids are more active and the temperature is high, water is even more important. If your child doesn't care much for plain water, try a light flavored version by adding just a little fruit juice.

Go easy on the sugar. Summer time means ice cream and other sweet, icy treats as well as sweet fruits like watermelon. All these things can be enjoyed but not liberally. Sugar encourages a plethora of diseases and conditions that your child doesn't need. Things like obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and aches and pains caused from inflammation.

Watch the heat index. Too much heat is dangerous for anyone, but for tiny bodies, it's even more so. If you're uncomfortably hot, you can be sure that your child is. He may not act like it when he's caught up in an activity, so it's up to you to monitor it. Hot cars are doubly dangerous, so never leave a child in a car in the summertime unless you are there and there is air conditioning or open windows.

What NOT to worry about? Dirt. Germs. Playing in the mud.  Having fun. That's not a problem for your toddler!