Should You Allow Your Child Their Own Television?

Posted by Shawna Clark on August 04, 2015

I believe that allowing children a television of their own is a personal preference. As a parent, you know your child best and if you feel that it is more of a negative than a positive, then probably not. Most people believe that just because the TV is there, the child will watch non-stop or play video games on end. I am one who thinks that it is okay for them to have one, with limitations of course.

I had a TV in my room growing up and it worked out just fine. I loved to play video games and instead of hogging the family TV, I went into my room and played. I fell asleep watching shows or cartoons and my mom would turn off the TV when she went to bed. It worked for me. My son who is three has a set in his room now but rarely does he watch it.

It comes in handy when another person in the house wants to watch something that is not appropriate for him, I have him go in his room to watch something else or put on music for him to listen to. (He has a DVD/VCR combo) I do not have cable hooked up in there so he cannot just go in a turn it on and veg out, not that he would anyhow, and he is far too busy to do that.

I believe that if you have children who know how to operate the television that rules should be in place for TV time. For my son, he does not know yet how to work it so can only watch it with my help. If there is homework, chores, errands, etc., then that needs to be done before they can watch TV.

I grew up where TV was a normal thing and there was no trouble with watching too much or that it was not healthy. I know that various studies have shown that children should only get a set amount of TV time, but I never follow that and my son does just fine. Just because the TV is on it does not mean he is watching non-stop.

I also think that having a TV is a way to teach them about privileges. When they cannot follow the rules, taking it away is a lesson to learn. I had that done to me for a whole week and I can honestly say that it hurt. I did not repeat the offense that had it removed in the first place.

You can always try it out and if it does not work, take it away. No harm, no foul. Children do not necessarily need their own TV but it does come in handy at times. I know it has really worked out well in my home and it has never become a problem. I wish you the best in making this decision.