Should Parents Pay An Allowance For Chores?

Posted by Ruby Gray on January 28, 2015

Look at any message board, parenting blog or Facebook and you find this is one of the most heated discussions going on, especially in the present economy.

On one side you have those who feel that paying kids for chores prepares them for the real world. Adults get paid to do a job and don't get paid if they don't do their work. 
On the other side are those that feel adults don't get paid to do chores around the house because that's just everyday life and kids should pitch in without expecting payment.

Don't Tie Money To Chores.  Maintaining a household is a team effort that takes the cooperation of everyone living there. When you tie an allowance to helping out, your kid might just say he isn't going to help and you can just keep the money this week. You can discuss why something isn't getting done and work out a solution without money being involved.

How Much Am I Getting For This? Paying for chores will teach the value of a good work ethic, but on the flip-side may also imply nothing's worth doing unless there's a payment. You could find yourself in a situation where anytime you ask them to do even the simplest of things they'll want to know how much you're paying. Before you know it, you're in wage negotiations with your kid who just printed off the going rate of pay from the internet. He's not going to give in until he gets what he deserves.

But Sometimes It Is Okay To Pay

Your kid may see something they really want and just try as they might, can't save up enough to get it. It's okay to help them out a bit. Make a list of optional jobs beyond their normal chores and keep it available for them to read. List the amount they will receive when these extra jobs are completed correctly. That will nip the bargaining in the bud. Who knows, you may give them a heads up on becoming the next great entrepreneur.