Seven Signs That Your Baby Loves You

Posted by Jo Ann Schlicker on August 04, 2015

Your baby loves you. She has spent the biggest part of her life protected inside of you and you are so important to her. She can’t bake a cake for you or send you a valentine but shows love in so many ways. Here are some of them.

1. She stares into your eyes. Hospitals recognize this fact and ask the parents to hold the newborn baby so that they can stare at each other. Your baby’s brain is hardwired to look at faces, perhaps a survival instinct. She looks at you and your face is emblazoned in her memory. It is bonding at its finest. You are very important to her.

2. She knows your smell. She feels comfortable wrapped in something you wore because your scent is on it. In tests, she will turn toward something with your scent on it instead of something with another woman’s smell.

“Smell is one way that newborn animals (including humans) forge strong ties to their mothers,” say researchers Kevin Franks, PhD, and Jeffry Isaacson, PhD. (WebMD)

3. She smiles at you and it is not gas. It is perhaps the first real social interaction. Who can resist a smiling baby? She smiles from ear to ear because she finds you irresistible.  

4. She talks to you. Soon after the first smile she starts talking to you. Her coos lay the groundwork for vowels in language. Her babbling is called protoconversation. The important thing is that it is a way to communicate with you and she likes to engage you. You talk baby talk to her because you adapt your speech to the level of the infant. Even older children will do it when they encounter the little one. I believe it is another hardwired thing, this time, in you.

5. She misses you when she does not see you. You are her security and her safe place. If she does not see you, she might think you are not coming back even when you are in the next room. They call it separation anxiety, but it is scary for her. It comes sometime in the middle of her first year and shows an awareness that the person she loves is not there.

6. She likes what you like. If she sees you looking at something, she looks too. She wants to do the things you do.

7. She uses you as her shield to protect her from all harm including strangers and unexpected things. She hangs onto you for dear life, buries her head in your chest, hangs onto your skirt or pant leg, or runs behind you and then peeks at the intruder in her life. You are her protector she trusts and loves. She knows she is safe with you.

In so many ways, your baby loves you. All the aches and pains, all the sleepless nights and anxiety filled days are worth it because love trumps all. No love will ever be more powerful than that between a parent and a baby.