Quick Tips to Stay Cool

Posted by Ranie Denver on June 05, 2015

Don't add to the heat. The most obvious heat producing object is a kitchen range, especially the oven. There are many other things that add to the heat, like TVs left in the "instant on" condition (unplug it or turn it off with a power strip), computers running when not in use, entertainment systems of any kind and incandescent lighting. Any electrical appliance generates heat, so think before plugging in!

Use Moving Air. Use fans whenever it's possible. The movement of air pulls heat away from your body. Whether you use an electric fan, a hand held paper fan or something else, it's an artificial breeze and it cools you.

Use nature's cooling breezes when you can. Open the windows when there is a breeze blowing, or go outside and experience it like that. Get under a deciduous tree. It's been shown that the temperature can be as much as 10 degrees different in the shade of a tree.

Use Water. Drink a lot of water and stay away from sugary drinks or those with caffeine in them. You need plain, pure water for your body to keep its internal temperature regulated.

Water everything, including yourself. Dampen your clothing and it will help cool you as the water evaporates (that's what perspiration does). Keep a spray mister in the refrigerator for a quick fix when you feel too hot. Go ahead, play in the water! Sprinklers, kiddie pools and water guns are fun and can ease the heat.

Cool Your Bed. When it's night time, do you dread lying on a hot bed? You don't have to. Sprinkle your sheets lightly with baking soda and that will help cool you, or spritz them with a couple of teaspoons of peppermint oil in a quart of water. Or make your bed on the floor. It's usually cooler the lower you can get because heat rises.

Silky, smooth sheets will make your bed feel cooler, as will silky night wear. Pure, light weight cotton will keep you cooler than manmade fibers.

Which Clothing? Tight short shorts don't cool you as much as a long, flowing skirt. Ditto, tight shirts (guys, get this, too) are not cool. Wear something loose and even floppy. You'll feel much better.

Choose natural fibers over manmade ones to stay cool and choose light colors to reflect the sun and to trick your mind.

It all works. If you want to stay comfortably cool this summer, try some or all of these tips.