Quick Tips for Diaper Change

Posted by Amanda Grace on March 23, 2015

Even the most experienced parents can find diaper changes a daunting task. Squirmy and wiggly baby combined with messy and stinky poo is usually a dangerous combination that can end badly if you’re not careful. It gets easier as it goes along, but those challenges certainly never completely leave until your little one is potty trained and out of diapers. To make diaper changes a bit easier, take a look at these 6 tips and put them to good use the next time your baby needs to be changed. Thank us later.

1. Gather all of your supplies before the diaper change begins. Having to leave naked baby on his changing table or other surface alone can be dangerous in more ways than one. You run the risk of a fall, not to mention a baby accident from one end or the other. Get the diaper, diaper rash cream, baby powder and wipes all ready before you start to make life easier.

2. Watch where you put the dirty diaper. We all know how much baby loves to grab things, and you certainly do not want this to be within reach and the next object headed toward the mouth.

3. Tighten the diaper. Now, don’t tighten it so tight that baby can’t breathe, but make sure that the diaper is snug. This is especially important when baby is older and can remove the diaper, but even as a young baby you don’t want a loose diaper, since it can fall off of baby or cause bodily fluids to seep from the sides.

4. Bomb’s away: It is all a part of the ‘parenting plan’ so be prepared when baby gives you a nice little shower or worse during diaper change. Sometimes the diaper comes off and the air makes going ‘now’ irresistible to baby. Remember to keep baby covered until the new diaper is placed on him or her to lessen the risk of a baby surprise.

5. Roll the soiled diaper carefully. Again this is a potential area for disaster if you aren’t careful, and this is not a mess that you will want to clean. Wrap the diaper tightly, and secure it sealed with the straps on each side. Remember to dispose of the diaper properly when finished changing baby.

6.  Gather toys, keys or anything that can be used to distract baby. Sometimes they highly object to lying still for a diaper change, but these colorful and noisy objects can hold them over long enough for you to do what you need to do. Lifesavers!