Quick Tips About Essential Oils

Posted by Kathryn Wilcox on June 03, 2015

Essential Oils are all natural.  Essential oils are extracts from various herbs and deliver the essence of the aroma of the herb. They are used for massage, for aromatherapy, and some are even edible for specific health purposes.  Many of these natural oils are mixed to develop a specific blend for a target purpose. Whether to promote a calming mood or to help you to breathe when your sinuses are plugged, they all provide specific benefits.

Be sure to order from a legitimate company.  Essential oils have become popular, so there are many companies selling them.  Make sure to do your own research on the companies selling essential oils. If you know someone who is already using them ask for help in who to order from and what they recommend. If you are working with a legitimate aroma therapist, they will have oils to sell. The best oils are 100 percent pure extract and made from all natural ingredients.

Get a good reference book.  A reference book is important because there are many oils and they all can be used for several reasons and can also be used together.  Some of the companies who sell essential oils also have published reference books with how to blend and what the benefits are of the various oils and oil blends.

Learn how to use carrier oils.  Since essential oils are an extract and concentrated, it is often recommended that the best way to use them is to add a few drops to fractionated coconut oil which acts as a carrier, helping the oil to be spread and be rubbed into your skin and to be used for massage.

Essential oils are safe.  In most cases essential oils are safe for everyone including children. They may be an occasion where you or your child has allergies and you should research each oil you are considering for any known allergic reactions.

Are essential oils safe for pets?  Most essential oils are considered safe for dogs, but not necessarily cats. Be very careful to research each oil for each animal to make sure that you are using the oils correctly.

Be careful to consult your doctor. You should always consult your doctor for any health questions and advise your doctor which oils you are using because some will have interactions with medicines your doctor may prescribe.

It is important to start slowly.  There is a lot to learn about these amazing oils, and you need to take your time. But it won’t be long before you are using peppermint to rub on a tummy ache, geranium to stop a cut from bleeding and lavender to help you sleep!