Pass the Veggies! Fun & Easy Ways to Get your Child to Eat Their Vegetables

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 18, 2015

Ask most any child what vegetable they enjoy eating the most and you’re likely to get a big ‘ewww’ or response of ‘I don’t like vegetables.’ Kids do not like vegetables as a general rule and many will do almost anything to avoid eating them. For many parents getting their child to eat their vegetables is a nightmare. They’ll sit at the table, staring, all night, or take their punishment to go to their room for the night if that eliminates the requirement of eating the veggies on the plate.

One idea that works for older children is the fun facts. Use the internet to help you find fun facts about a particular vegetable. Then tell your child some of these fun facts that might entice them to eat up. You can even consider making a game out of this, giving them a new fact for each bite of the veggie they take.

How about allowing your child to help choose veggies at the supermarket? When children are included in the process of selecting vegetables they certainly want to try out their choices. Giving them the chance to pick and choose will certainly entice them to eat every bite on their plate. You might also want to consider allowing your child in the kitchen to help you prepare the meal. Kids love to feel all grown up and having a hand in preparing dinner certainly sets this emotion afire.

You can also let your child play with their food. Sometimes food is boring to a kid, but when it becomes a lightning fast race car or a dinosaur, things become a little more exciting and they might just eat their new toy.

Also make food a little more appetizing to children when it is being prepared. Something as simple as little cheese on broccoli makes the taste so much better. Be sure that all of your vegetables are seasoned (with healthier options, of course) to give them a better flavor that your little one will savor.

If all else fails, bribe them. Yes, mom and dad, I said it and I am proud of it. I’ve been known to bargain with my kids a time or two, and I’m not afraid to do it again if needed. Bribe them to eat their veggies. If you can get your kid to eat three green beans for two Dora stickers it is all worth it in the end. Who knows? They may even grow into liking those veggies with enough stickers!

Do you have any secret tricks to get your child to eat their vegetables?