Parenting Pet Peeves

Posted by Ruby Gray on March 24, 2015

1. People Who Don't Control Their Own Kids.
Their kids are running amok in the store while they are completely oblivious to the destruction or are so selfish they don't really care that someone else will have to clean up the mess as customers stumble over it.

2. People That Say My Child Needs A Nap

This really isn't helpful and you don't know that it's true. Maybe he just wants you to get out of his face and stop poking him. Back off!

3. Using My Child's Voice To Question My Parenting

"Mommy I'm hungry, cold, need changed." Thanks anyway I just fed him, gave him his blankie and finished changing him. Other suggestions will not be appreciated either.

4. Questioning My Child Above His Ability

Yes my 4 year old knows his age, but no he can't tell you when he's starting school or how to tell time.

5. Ordering A Kids Meal And It's So Hot The Waitress Can Barely Hold It

Really? You're going to set that piping hot steaming meal down in front of my kid?

6. People Who Ask If My Husband Is Babysitting

No, just because I took a few hours away for myself does not mean my husband is babysitting. He's home taking care of our child, that's parenting not babysitting.