Not Another Tantrum! How to Handle those Toddler Meltdowns

Posted by Amanda Grace on July 31, 2015

Shopping with a toddler or root canal? I’ll need some time to think about which I choose. Any mother of a toddler can relate to my hesitation choosing. What you want to be an exciting day out shopping, running errands, visiting the supermarket or a friend can quickly turn into a nightmare when your pint-size decides they’ve had enough, or vice versa. Toddler tantrums are fierce, nasty, and sudden and can cause even the most patient parent to lose their cool. But instead of having a meltdown, try these tips for calming the storm when you are out with your little one.

Take a Break. Shopping or other fun outings can really wear a toddler out. Taking a break from what you are doing can alleviate or minimize the meltdown before such a big scene is caused.

Show Consistency. If a toddler tantrum is unacceptable, it is unacceptable at all times. You cannot pick and choose because it will confuse your toddler. Make sure that you are consistent with enforcing the rules. Even a two-year-old can understand the word ‘no’ and that a tantrum is unacceptable, as long as you are consistent.

Enforce the Rules. Speak to your child in a firm, but caring voice, telling them that you are not going to allow their behavior. Consequences should be enforced, whether that is a short time-out or removing them from the situation.

Toddler Territory. Perhaps grandma could watch the little one while you are out and about? There are some things that aren’t meant for toddlers, and if you are going to be visiting locations where your child must sit still or be quiet for long periods, it is probably best they not join you on this mission.

Distract your Toddler. Toddlers have short attention spans and this means that you can quickly de-escalate a tantrum if you can find something to distract them with. Whether it is a toy or you bursting into song and dance, find something that will make the toddler forget they were upset in the first place.

Always remember that there are certain situations that toddler tantrums can be very disturbing for others. Although most parents are sympathetic when they see your little one in such a fiasco, they also expect you to take charge of the situation quickly.