Never Too Early To Teach

Posted by Shawna Clark on April 14, 2015

It is so amazing how sponge like my son’s brain is. He just soaks up everything! I love watching him learn new things. The excitement on his face, the way his eyes light up and his victory smile is priceless. He is a fast learner but the key was in discovering his learning style and cheering him on when he got it right, or encouraging him to not give up when he didn’t.

I remember teaching him to use baby sign language before he could talk and even though we only worked on a few basic words, he learned them and we were able to communicate without speaking. It filled me with awe at how intelligent God created us to be. It gave me the desire to teach him and use that time to bond. Now we are working on potty training and I can say that it is not as easy as sign language!

I wanted to purchase my son the reading system from Leapfrog but instead I bought a box set of books designed to help the pre-reader get ready to read at a much lower price.  The basis of these books were to illustrate the word in a picture and use repetition of words throughout the book. It was after he read me his first book that I realized we did not need to spend a fortune on specialized reading material, we just needed to work a little bit each day. And the books in this set were something that I could make using the computer and printer.

Another idea would be to use flash cards and make a memory game. I am not very good at drawing, so instead I cut out pictures and glued them onto the card with the word written beneath. This works to help them to associate the letters with the pictures and the cost is truly minimal. You can either use old magazines or print images off of your computer.

Some people learn by listening, others by doing. Some use music or little rhymes to remember things of importance. My son happens to love music, so, when I want him to remember something, I put it in a song. This is how he learned how to spell his name. To the tune of B I N G O, he belts out his name with joy.
Make learning fun. It goes a long way to keep them interested and eager to do more.