My Story: My Child's First Serious Injury

Posted by Shawna Clark on May 19, 2015

As a first time mother, I was not prepared for the many injuries that my son would sustain in such a short time. I swear he had permanent bruises because once one began to fade; another would take its place within days.

I have a very high-energy, overly curious little boy. He has to know what it is, what it smells like, sometimes tastes like and of course, what it feels like. Therefore, as a general rule, I always know where he is and what he is up to if I don’t see him for a while. Well, on this particular day, he was in physical therapy for his clubbed foot. I am almost always with him back there but this day I had paperwork to fill out so I stepped out to take care of that.

Imagine my shock and horror at standing at the front desk and hear, “Ma’am come quick! Your son needs you; he is bleeding from his head!” from a young child who happened to be in the same area and was asked to come and inform me of what happened. I took off running.

First of all, let me say that I trust his therapist as I would a family member. She has been with him since he was born. I honestly felt bad for her because when I got back to where they were all the color had drained from her face as she was holding my son and cleaning up the blood from his face. Something I learned from this experience is that head wounds bleed a lot! Not knowing this at the time was a little frightening to see.

He had been playing around a piece of equipment that was completely safe for children and even had rounded screws holding the wood together. He stepped off the mat, lost his balance, and hit the rounded screw just perfectly for it to embed into his forehead. My son had actually stopped crying a few minutes after I got back there and was ready to get up and keep playing! Unfortunately, the hole in his head was too deep to just use a band-aid on and call it a day. So I took him to the emergency room to get it looked at.

I have to say that I was supremely proud of my little guy who was less than two years of age at the time. Hey lay perfectly still and allowed the nurses to clean his wound. It wasn’t until the doctor used the liquid bandage that he tried to jump up because it stings due to the disinfectant properties. Other than that, he was the perfect patient. I was concerned at the time of any scarring that this injury would leave, but today, you can’t even tell that anything had ever happened.

This was a valuable lesson for me not only how easy it is for children to sustain an injury but also how resilient they are. I pray that I hold on to this knowledge for the next ER visit and to pray that God be with him to protect him from harm when I cannot.