Making Your Own Baby Food

Posted by Mpho Ashworth on August 17, 2015

The baby product industry is a booming business and has a lot to offer, including pre-made baby food. As most busy mothers will tell you, store bought baby food makes their life a lot easier, and does have its benefits.

However, manufactured baby foods have been found to contain high levels of sugar and salt, and are often promoted for use when babies ought to still be on milk. Looking at the packaging, most of these foods are suitable for babies as young as four months old!

Tests done on store bought baby food, some made by some of the most reputable companies, indicates that it tends to contain a lot less iron than babies should receive, which they would otherwise receive from milk.

Some parents find the whole process daunting, but making baby food from scratch may be a lot easier than you think!

Advantages of making baby food yourself

You know exactly what is going in your baby's food; you have peace of mind about the quality of the ingredients used in the making of the food. Parents have the freedom to choose the finest quality ingredients. There's also the satisfaction of knowing that the food doesn't contain preservatives and artificial additives.

Better nutritional value. It's widely known that companies tend to cook baby food at very high temperatures, destroying essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins in the process. This method of preparation also kills off any existent bacteria, thereby extending the shelf life. Making your own baby food through steaming and blending means that all the vital nutrients remain intact.
Baby gets varied food in his diet. Making your own baby food gives you a wider variety of food to feed them, thus ensuring they get a balanced and more nutritious diet. This also gets the baby used to eating the same food as the rest of the family, just in puree form.

Always check with the pediatrician to ensure that whatever food you use is safe for the baby's consumption.

Making baby food at home is more environmentally friendly. There is no packaging to get rid of each time you finish a bottle, packet or any excess packaging from pre made food.

It can be cost effective. Findings suggest that as more and more mothers opt to make their own baby food over buying ready made versions, they have found this to cost them a lot less than buying ready made baby food. This has been especially the case ever since the financial crash, which has forced everyone to tighten their purse strings.

Disadvantages of the homemade approach

It takes up a lot of time. Some mothers have cited the fact that it takes too much time. With no added preservatives, the food also spoils quickly. A lot of mothers are now career women; they're busier than ever and simply don't have the time to prepare baby food.

The convenience of store bought food. The baby food from stores comes ready to use in measured amounts.

Storage. Home made baby food spoil more quickly and needs to be stored in the fridge or freezer, so it takes up a lot of room if you make it in batches.