How to Deal With Temper Tantrums in Public

Posted by Claire Coshan on June 11, 2015

Sometimes it seems that there are two kinds of parents in this world, on the one hand you have those who can easily ignore a temper tantrum in a public place, no matter how loud it is. And on the other hand you have those who are absolutely mortified by public temper tantrums and wish the ground could swallow them up. Dealing with temper tantrums requires a firm hand, but it can be done.

Firstly, stop ignoring it; ignoring it tells your child that it is acceptable behavior to do this kind of thing and it is not. Kids have tantrums, but they need to be discouraged as much as possible. Tell your child to stop in a firm voice and let them know that if they continue then there will be consequences.

You need to follow through on anything you say to your child. For example, if you say they were bad so they can’t have an ice cream, you need to stick to it. Failure to do so will only teach your child that you do not stick to your word and they can get away with anything they like. The fear of the consequence needs to be enough of a deterrent.

Remove your child from the store if it is possible, this will help calm them down and get them out of the situation. It will also help you avoid the judgmental glares of everyone else in the store. If you can’t remove your child from the situation then take them to one side and tell them to calm down. It may take a few moments, but it is necessary to stop the tantrum.

Try to get it into their heads that having a tantrum like they are doing is for babies, kids don’t like to be thought of as babies or immature. Convince them to be grown up and mature about it, all kids like to feel mature.

Plenty of sleep is essential for well behaved kids and sleep comes best to kids when they have a firmly established routine. Put them into bed every night at the same time. You might be tempted to let them stay up later on the weekend but this can have disastrous effects on their temper. Kids get grumpy when they are tired, just like adults do.

Structure and a firm hand are two of the most important things to stopping temper tantrums and these tips should hopefully lead to more peaceful family outings.