How to Choose a Crib

Posted by Amanda Grace on July 20, 2015

Choosing the crib that your baby will sleep in is a very important decision. Your little one will spend a great deal of time in the crib, particularly during the first few months of life. The crib chosen should be one that is visually appealing, but more importantly safe, secure and designed to keep your baby resting like a... well, a baby.

Today there are many different sizes, styles, designs and brands of cribs for you to choose from. Each has its own set of pros and cons, and it's important to examine each piece of criteria when choosing the crib that you want to purchase. Other important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing the crib include the cost of the crib, its versatility and size.

Before anything, create a budget. Keep in mind you have a number of different items that you will need and want to purchase for your new arrival when creating the budget. The cost of a crib can be as little as $150 to $1000 or more. Once you know the budget for the crib you can narrow down the selection and make the choice just a little bit easier.

Also keep in mind that the crib should be manufactured in the U.S.A. and meet or exceed the U.S. Juvenile Products Manufactures Association standards. It is advisable to avoid the purchase of a second-hand crib, since they may not be up-to-date or meet current safety standards. It is illegal for a consignment store or other shop to sell a second-hand crib, and you shouldn’t avoid this advisory even if a friend or family member offers you an unbeatable deal on their no longer needed crib.

When purchasing your crib, the side rails should be measured. There should be no more than a 2 3/8 inch gap between them. Anything larger and it is possible for baby to get stuck in between, causing serious injury or death.  The crib should offer adjustable mattress heights, which will prevent accidents as baby begins pulling himself up, crawling, etc. Use the lowest setting for your active baby.

Now, look at the design of the crib and the type. You can find the traditional crib, which is stationary and is placed in one spot. There are also round cribs, portable cribs, convertible cribs and even canopy cribs. While you obviously want to choose something that is delightful, always remember: safety first.

Drop sides were once a desirable crib feature; not any longer. Avoid purchasing a crib that offers sides that drop down. They pose a great amount of safety risk around your little one. Also make sure that the crib is solid and sturdy. A quick shake should reveal any discrepancies in its solidarity.

Choosing the perfect crib for your baby will provide you with comfort and peace of mind. Use this information to choose the best.