Here's How to Wear Your Baby in Style

Posted by Janet Heinsler on May 22, 2015

Baby Wearing Shirts. Actually shirts that allow you to wear you baby touching your skim. This method is great for preemies who will benefit the most from skin contact. Preemies carried this way do better than those who are not. Because these are shirts, the baby can only be carried in the front.
Baby Slings. There are two types of slings, pouch and ring. The pouch sling goes over the shoulder and then around your hip. Since there is no way to adjust these you need to make sure you buy the right size. You can place you baby in five possible positions, although it's suggested that you place them stomach to stomach and in the front. Don't use until they are three months old.

Ring slings are mostly are unpadded. They have a ring on top which allows you to adjust the size. It's a one shoulder carrier where the shoulder can take many different forms such as pleated or gathered. You can buy one with a bottom in it. These come in all types of material and one can use these with a newborn and through the toddler years.
Woven Wraps. These types of wraps are also referred to as slings. Depending on the type of material, they will vary in strength. They vary in size from two to seven. You can fix the wrap to carry the baby on your hip, in the back, or on the front.  Depending on what size you get and the material you choose, you can usually carry the baby this way into toddler-hood and beyond.
Soft-Structured Carrier. These carriers are connected to you with buckles and are adjustable so that other people can use the same carrier. When you use one of these you can carry the baby on your back or front. They require an insert if you want to carry a newborn. Two variations of this carrier are the hip carrier and the travel carrier.
Mei Tai.
These are similar to the soft carrier in that you can carry the baby the same way. Instead of attaching with buckles, you tie them to your body. They look like one main panel of material and the four long panels hanging down, these are the ones that get tied. Like the soft carrier your baby can be either carried on your back or front.
Other types of baby carriers include the rebozo (Mexican backpack), framed backpacks, cotton gauze wraps, Asian carriers, and stretchy wraps.