Helping Your Child Learn To Walk

Posted by Taz Gudheart on February 04, 2015

It is amazing to see how quickly a child develops both mentally and physically and the process from seeing them roll onto their tummy for the first time, to starting to crawl and then eventually seeing them take their first baby steps is an amazing sight to see. It is worth noting that there is no exact age for when babies start walking or crawling, as all babies are different and develop at different rates; however there are methods that parents and guardians can undertake to speed up and encourage a baby to start walking.

This guide will hopefully help you encourage your child to start walking gradually, which is a process that takes time and will not happen overnight. 

The first thing that helps encourage a baby to start walking is by stimulating their hand eye coordination and foot coordination. This can be done easily by giving them a bouncy soft ball to play with and learning to play catch or learning to kick the ball with their feet either from sitting down or by helping them stand and allowing them to kick the ball themselves with some support.
It can be a fun process for both the child and the parent or guardian and it speeds up the development process at the same time. 

The other option is to buy a baby walker which is designed specifically to encourage the child to walk on their own using the handle bars for support. I found that a baby walker really helped my nephew start walking, as shortly after buying one for him he started walking on his own. It also allows the child to build confidence in standing up on their own and then learning how to put one foot in front of the other to walk.  
I have also found that holding a baby up and allowing them to walk with support of both hands is a great way to encourage the baby to walk. This really helped my niece and nephew to gain confidence in standing and walking on their own and again speeds up the physical development allowing the legs muscles to get stronger and support the weight of the child.  Please ensure that you do this on a soft carpet floor and not a kitchen or hard floored surface, as the child can easily loose balance and fall onto the floor and hurt themselves if it is a hard surface.
The last thing important thing to remember is that a child will start walking only when they are ready and not when we want them too! 

Baby Walking First Time ...

How a child develops varies from one child to another, so don’t get worried if your child takes longer to start walking than others.  My niece is taking longer to learn to walk than my nephew did, but I know she is learning how to walk on her own way by experimenting with different ways to stand up on her own and then walking a few steps before falling back down again.