Helping Your 2-Year old Learn

Posted by Amanda Grace on June 26, 2015

Your child is never too young to learn. In fact, the earlier that you begin helping your child learn, the better they’ll be when they start school. You’ll also help build a love of learning that your 2-year old will take with them for a long-time to come.

You should have a variety of toys to offer to your little one, however, do not go overboard since too many toys can actually be more of a distraction than a help. Choose toys that help your little one learn numbers, colors, shapes, words, sounds, etc.

The debate over whether a 2-year old should watch TV will be one that is long criticized no matter which option you take. Personally I feel that the right programs, and with only minimal amounts of time spent watching, the TV can be beneficial to little ones. We all watched Sesame Street growing up, after all, and Elmo certainly makes learning fun.

One of the biggest ways to help your toddler learn is to allow them to make some of their own decisions. This could include their outfit for the day or the game that they will get to play. Being able to make choices gives your toddler a sense of well-being and it certainly will help him or her learn responsibility and more.

Help your child learn that there is no silly question except for the one that is not asked. Answer your child’s questions and encourage them to talk. Help them learn more about the world around them by pointing out every bird, tree and airplane that you see. Provide your child with a nurturing environment that promotes self-sufficiency and greatness. Offer your toddler a variety of different activities and help them explore each and every day.  

Also make sure that you encourage your child to use their imagination. Creativity is something that all children should nurture. It builds a confident adult and a happier lifestyle.

Provide your child with the opportunity to play with other children in the same age group. This helps them learn social skills, which of course are needed throughout life. Playing with other children also teaches your toddler many new skills and can certainly help your little one learn and grow.

The power to create a child who has a fond love of learning is in your hands. It is up to you to pave the way for your child. It is never too early to start molding your child. Use the information above to help create a love of learning in your 2-year old.