Healthy Lunch Box Meals For Your School-Aged Child

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 12, 2015

Whether your child is off for a day of learning at school or you're spending the day together at home or on the go, it is important that your child have a healthy lunchbox packed with delicious choices that he or she will love. Gone are the days when lunchboxes contained ham and cheese sandwiches and a bag of potato chips! Today there are many healthy options that you can fuel your child’s lunch box with. Here are five days of lunch box favorites for kids of all ages.

Monday: Start your child’s week off with a few apple slices and a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Throw in a few chunks of Colby Jack (or your child’s favorite type of cheese) as well as sauce-free pasta.

Tuesday: Who says you can’t send leftovers in the lunch box? There’s no better way to ensure that your little one has a great lunch while they’re at school. Cut a skinless chicken breast into four to six slices. Add your child’s favorite dipping sauce in a small container. Add a serving of cooked baby carrots, juices drained, of course, and a few chunks of cheese.

Wednesday: It’s the middle of the week and time for a DIY burrito. Add all of the ingredients – shredded meat, veggies and cheese, along with a soft shell. Your child will love making their own burrito at lunch! Don’t forget the cup of salsa.

Thursday: Take it easy today. A tuna sandwich is a tasty and healthy lunch box option that is also easy to create. A portable yogurt is a mess-free dessert to end the tuna sandwich lunch.    

Friday: Kid’s trail mix is easy-to make and add to the lunch box. Make it fun since it's Friday, and create a mixture of milk chocolate candies, cheerios, pretzels, etc. The main entrée of the day is mini pizzas. Add 3-inch round pizza crusts to your child’s lunch box, or one 6-inch. Place a cup of pizza sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice so that your child can create their pizza at lunch.

A carton of milk can be added to your child’s lunch box or purchased in the school cafeteria. Variate between white milk and chocolate milk, and perhaps a juice box once per week. You can also give your child a small bottle of water to enjoy with their healthy lunch.