Greatest Educational Apps for Teens

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 13, 2015

Teens are attached to their cell phones, busy playing games, texting their friends and visiting Facebook to find out what the world is up to. Why not give them something worthwhile to do on their phones? There are many awesome educational apps for teens to add to their phone and use whenever they’d like. Some are free, others will cost a buck or two, but all are very much worth the time and handful of change. Teens can easily use these apps for homework help, fun educational games, and more.

Space Chem. This addictive app is so much fun, your child may not even realize that his or her brain is being tested and expanded with each piece of the puzzle that is completed. This exciting game allows you to build machines and other weird science projects. It costs $2.99, with availability for the iOS 5.

Sound Uncovered. This free app is totally cool for tweens and teens. Sound Uncovered gained its inspiration from the San Francisco Exploratorium museum, which gives visitors hands-on exhibits that involve sound. With this app, your teen can record themselves, then play it back at different intervals and discover how the brain interprets the noises.

Presidents vs. Aliens. Another iOS game, this one teaches Presidential trivia to your teen in a fun and engaging way. You’ll learn something new each time you defeat an alien, so you’ll never want to put this game away! It costs just 99 cents.

Algebra Touch. Algebra touch really makes this subject a little bit easier for those teens who despise Math as much as the next guy. The app costs $1.99 and is available for the iOS.

Plague Inc. There is a global plague affecting the world. Your mission is to stop the plague before the world is destroyed. With realistic simulations and a terrifying plot line, teens of all ages will enjoy this thriller game that also offers the chance to learn more about design, countries and more. This free app is available on Android operating systems.

Mindsnacks. Learning a second language is difficult, but it is also a requirement in many high schools across the U.S. With Mindsnacks, set the language and make learning a whole lot easier. Choose from common languages such as Spanish, Chinese and even French, and take your pick of more than 25 educationally awesome games, SAT vocabulary practice exams, and more. This app helps build vocabulary so the lessons stick and your teen can easily pass Foreign Language with ease.