Get Ready for Back-to-School! Time Saving Tips

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 06, 2015

The time is upon us and before you know it, the school bells will be ringing and your child will be entering another year of school. If you are like most parents, you are frantically preparing to transition back into the early mornings, homework and other adjustments after a fun-filled summer of lazy days and fun. If you want to save time when the big day finally arrives, here are a few tips that you can put to good use now.

Bedtimes. I am one of those parents who allow my kids to stay up a little bit later when there is no school. You should begin implementing bedtimes into place at least one week before the day that school will start. This will help your child re-adjust to getting up in the mornings.

Plan. You can plan for everything, from the clothing that your child will wear the next day to the dinners that you will prepare each week. Preparing and planning may seem like a lot of work in the beginning but once you’ve accustomed to the process it is something that will become second nature and a great method of saving time, money and energy.   

Create a Routine. When your child knows what to expect each night it makes things go so much smoother and helps you save a ton of time. Make sure that you start implementing the routine into your day as soon as you possibly can before that first day of school if you want to save time and headache.

Download Apps. There's an app for that. Whether you want help saving money on back-to-school shopping, need homework help or have other concerns or needs, take a look at the apps available in that category. Chances are you will find many different free and low-cost apps that can come in handy when school starts, and at another times of the year as well.

Shop Early. A lot of people, myself included, like to wait until the very last minute to shop for clothing, shoes and other needed school supplies. Don’t be like me, and beat the crowds by starting your back to school shopping early.

Supply Lists. Most schools provide lists of the supplies each student will need for the school year. This list is available online and from your child’s teacher. Purchasing these supplies will ensure that your child is well-prepared and with the items needed for an educational day at school.