Fathers, Teach Your Sons These

Posted by Janet Heinsler on April 10, 2015

There are so many things a father can teach their child in an effort to make them a little more self-sufficient when they become an adult. These basic skills, if learned, will serve them well the rest of their life.
Fixing a Car. We are not talking about major car repairs here but teaching them how to check the oil, the fluids and just some of the basics so that they will not be at the mercy of some dishonest mechanic. Teach them what the parts are under the engine and how to change a tire. Make sure they know how to use jumper cables; this will save them a lot of trouble in the future.
Camping. This is an old past time that still has a lot of value today. Learning to rough it can teach your children a lot of good skills. Whether you rough it in a tent, a camper or perhaps rent a cabin or cottage there are still skills to be learned. Learning how to pitch a tent and start a camp fire are great skills to have. Hiking the trails will teach your child a lot that they won’t get sitting home watching TV or playing computer games. Your children might not fall right into this and want to resort to their iPhone, be patient with them and they will eventually come around.
Handyman Skills. Every child should know what the basic tools are and it wouldn’t hurt them to know how to use a saw and drill. The father should teach their children the basics they will need to know to maintain a home. This should include such things as how to change the filter in the furnace and how to use a saw and drill. The internet is great resource for your “how to videos.” You can find just about how to fix anything online. Whenever something needs fixing in the house make sure you let your son or daughter follow you and don’t be afraid to let them do a small part of the work.  
Athletics. Although you may want your son to have a sensitive side there is part of you that will want them to be a skilled athlete. Once again it does not matter if you actually played any sports, just show an interest in sports. Watch some games on TV on a regular basis and make sure you take them to the ballpark, or a hockey or football occasionally.
Style and Grooming. It is important for you to be a good role model as far as what good style is. Let them know what a good style is versus bordering on being a slob. Take pride in how you dress and your son will do the same. Encourage him to develop his own style, but one that is inside the bounds of what is considered appropriate. If you stress the importance of proper grooming and follow it yourself you son will eventually pick it up.