Eyeglasses During Pregnancy

Posted by Ruby Gray on February 12, 2015

I've worn eyeglasses most of my life. From the huge clunky pair I got in elementary school to the more sophisticated pair I wear now, it seems I've always had a pair perched on my nose. You know, I think that 'sexy librarian' pair I had was just about the same time I got pregnant.

During my pregnancy I noticed my vision getting really blurry so my OGBYN suggested I see an optometrist. I was surprised when the eye doctor told me that blurry vision is very common during pregnancy and can continue through breastfeeding.

The change in hormones, metabolism. blood circulation, and fluid retention can slightly change the thickness and shape of the cornea. This is true even if you have never needed glasses before. Good to know, at least there's a reason.

I was a little concerned about the exam because I had heard that having your eyes dilated while you're pregnant wasn't a good idea. After some research and the assurance of the Doctor that it was completely safe, I went ahead with the full eye exam. Sure enough I needed a new prescription. As soon as I had that prescription in my hands I headed home and got right on the computer.

I had such a good time choosing my new eyeglasses. It was nice to take a break from all the 'baby thoughts' and focus a little on myself. There were so many styles to choose from. All shapes and sizes of frames in every color combination imaginable. I didn't know lenses come in colors too, but they do. Decisions, decisions, decisions! I finally picked a cute pair that didn't cost very much, because the Doctor explained my corneas may go back to their original shape after breastfeeding.

When my new eyeglasses arrived, I rushed to the mirror and put them on. I saw an updated Mom looking back and I could see her clearly. I was so happy, now I'd be able to have a wonderful, unclouded first look when my baby arrives.

To this day I continue to order eyeglasses on the web for the entire family.They are so much more affordable than anyplace else and seem to always run specials of some sort. There is usually free shipping and with the return policies I don't have to worry about any problems.  I have found they are very professional and the quality is just as good as the ones at the doctors office. Yep, I love ordering things from the comfort of my home.