Earth Day for Teens

Posted by Janet Heinsler on April 15, 2015

Are you doing anything to encourage your children to respect their environment?  Do you recycle? Do you talk to your kids why you should recycle?  Don’t fear if you have not put a lot of time or effort into your kids becoming good earth people. Earth Day is coming up on April 22, so you can start encouraging your children to be concerned with their environment then.

Some of the reasons you should help your children celebrate Earth Day are that it will help them become aware of what an important resource our earth is and that if we don’t start taking action to save it, we will use up our natural resources and they won’t be available in the future. The point you should try and stress with your children on Earth Day is that if we don’t take care of our earth then the earth won’t continue to exist. By celebrating it, you are teaching your kids to be more aware of the earth and their environment.
Just like any other holiday we can do things to celebrate Earth Day.  Some things your teen and you may do to celebrate Earth Day are:
How to Conserve Water. Take a water field trip to the local water treatment plan where your teen can learn how water is cleaned and how it gets into your home. Although this may be a little gross it sure will be an eye opening experience.
No Cars. Let your teen get a feeling for how much smog we add to the environment when using cars by not letting them use the car. Make them either walk to school, ride a bike or take a bus. If they have a job after school let them take a bus or use their bike. For this to work best, you as parents should do the same. Remember that kids do better when we model the behavior.
Clean Up a Park. Have your teen get a bunch of their friends together and clean up a local park, or they could clean up outside their school. Make sure they have some disposable gloves and garbage bags to put the garbage in. If there are plastic cans and bottles make sure they recycle them along with anything else they may find that is recyclable.
Have a Food Party. Let your teen invite a finite number of friends over for a dinner party. Make it local food only so your teen can learn how important it is to buy locally. Ask every guest to bring a dish. Talk about pollutants and resources that are saved because the food did not need to be transported.  What an act of kindness this is: breaking bread with friends.
Plant a tree. Have your teen decide where they would like to plant a tree and make sure this is an OK place to plant it. Take them to pick out a tree from the local nursery and then let them plant it on Earth Day. Make sure your teen knows why it is important to plant new trees.
Do yard work for a friend or neighbor. Taking care of our environment by nurturing the earth is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Gardening, weeding and planting are good ways of taking care of the earth.  Why not have your teen help a struggling neighbor do this?  Do you have a neighbor who is sick or disabled? Have your teen offer to do some work in their garden or yard on Earth Day. Not only are they celebrating Earth Day but they are learning to help others.
Organize a recycling project and donate funds from bottles and cans to charity.  Have your teen set up proper containers at a place that doesn’t currently have them, to encourage recycling at that place. This could be at school, some community area or perhaps a gym.  Have them make posters explaining the project, making it clear that the profits will go for whatever specific charity they have decided on.  
You might want to suggest any of these possible ways to celebrate Earth Day, then let your teen pick one that they would like to do. Some of the above ideas are ones that parents may get involved in also. I strongly suggest you do so as to serve as a good model for you teens.  Have fun and don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day.