Does Your Child Have Motion Sickness?

Posted by Claire Coshan on June 12, 2015

Having motion sickness when you are a child can be a horrible experience. It makes you reluctant to go anywhere by car, even to somewhere fun like the beach because you know that you will end up feeling really sick and groggy for ages afterwards. And it’s not easy for parents either. It’s hard seeing your kid get sick, especially over something as simple as a car ride. There are ways to deal with motion sickness and help your child cope with car rides better.

Make sure your child has eaten plenty before the journey. This may sound like a strange idea but what often causes motion sickness is water sloshing around in a belly. Food will absorb this and line the stomach. Also, it has been scientifically proven that small amounts of salty snacks can help reduce motion sickness.

Keep the window down as much as possible. This will not stop motion sickness, but it will help to delay it. Getting too warm is enough to make anyone sick so make sure that there is plenty of ventilation in the car.

Check your water/coolant levels. If these are inadequate, your car will be giving off a faint smell of gasoline, but to a travel sick child, a faint smell of gasoline is vomit inducingly overpowering. Roll up the windows when you reach a gas station too, a whiff of gasoline is enough to tip a travel sick kid over the edge.

Don’t tell them that it is all in their mind, because it isn’t. Take it seriously, if they say they feel sick, then there is a reason and you should keep an eye on it.

Pills are controversial when it comes to children, but sometimes they are the only thing that works. Look for fast acting ones because the slower acting ones mean that you need to give them to the child a few hours before travel, and you do not always have that kind of notice. The fast acting ones take hold after around twenty minutes. Try to minimize their use and keep them for long journeys, they are handy but they are very strong and they can make kids very drowsy.

Helping  a child with motion sickness is not easy and it is often not very pleasant either but with a few simple changes you can make their journeys (and yours) much easier.