Do You Want to Get Organized?

Posted by Jo Ann Schlicker on August 13, 2015

1. Make sure there are trash baskets placed at strategic points throughout the house so no one has excuses for cluttering the room with the trash that they plan to throw away later. Later never happens.

2. Keep flat surfaces clutter-free. A table or dresser top attract all kinds of stuff. Your family member walks into the house and sets things down on the nearest surface. It is an instinctive thing to do. Clear every surface. Pile papers in a bin. Later you can sort and discard, file or act on the paper. Teach your family to put papers in files and not on the coffee table. Books and magazines need a home or need to be donated or discarded.

3. Create a family information center.  Put it in a spot where it will get used. A message board and a bulletin board help keep track of family activities and ensure that everyone gets to the right place at the right time. Also, make it a spot where family members can jot down a message for other members.

4. Control the cord jumble. With everyone using technology, homes often have cords snaking everywhere. Tangles and frustration result, especially when there is a computer tech issue and you have to figure out which cord controls what.

Buy a cable caddy and stick it to a convenient spot or use a cable zipper which hides them in a tube and keeps them from tangling. A cord corral has space on the bottom for the power stick and multiple spools for winding excess cords.

5. Create a play zone. Unused corners make great places for children to play. Put a child sized table and chairs, a bookcase for books and games and a toy box in the space. Leave space for creative floor play such as building a city with blocks or raising a doll family. Corners tend to collect clutter where it is easily found and dealt with. Teach your children to put their toys away after playing.

6. Display those photos and get them off the internet and onto your walls in new ways. There are many innovative ways available online with the instructions included. For example, you can make do-it-yourself photo cubes, upcycle an old window into wall decor to show off photos, get canvas prints with photos, and make a photo wreath or plaques from wood or other materials.

Use your imagination and creativity to come up with something different and share it with others if you wish.