Cutest Babies in Hollywood: A Look at the Fanciest Celeb Babies

Posted by Amanda Grace on March 03, 2015

Baby is sleeping, the house is clean and you’re the only one awake. Now it is time to indulge in a little bit of reading fun! Here we’re going to look at the cutest, most fashionable celebrity babies in Hollywood. You’re probably very familiar with these tiny tikes’ parents, and will quickly understand why they are always wearing the latest and greatest from the hottest designers.

North West

The daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West is always dressed to impress, whether she is out with mom or dad or sleeping away at the couple’s home. Who wouldn’t want to dress the cutie in adorable clothing to match those cute little dimples?

Blue Ivy Carter

Queen Bey is never shy about dressing her daughter like royalty. We have seen Blue looking phenomenal in a white dress during a White House visit, and looking fresh to death in Timb’s while hanging out with dad. Who will ever forget little Blue’s crown for her birthday bash? Blue Ivy is certainly mini- diva status.

Prince George

Prince William and Katie have a bundle of joy to be proud of. Their handsome little Prince is 10 tons of cute rolled into one tiny package. He is always dressed as handsomely as a Prince should be, and ready to steal all of the crowd’s attention with his oh-so irresistible dimples and heartbreaker smile.

Egypt Dean

The son of Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beats, Egypt Dean is undeniably one handsome little dude. He has just welcomed a baby sister into the world, and we’re certain she'll be just as awesome as this man.

Sam Woods

The daughter of Tiger Woods is just over one year old, and she is certainly a cutie who is always ready to make an impression upon the world.