Baby Products Not Needed

Posted by Amanda Grace on February 26, 2015

Brace yourself: the average cost of caring for a baby for the first year of their life is about $12,000. That’s a lot of bottles, diapers and formula you will be buying! Most parents want the best for their baby; you should not expect less. But, we all can agree that the first year of baby’s life isn’t the time to be spending needless money; it is costly enough. With that being said, you probably can probably keep more money in your pocket by avoiding the purchase of a few baby products that really aren’t needed.

Newborn Clothing

Yes, it is itsy-bitsy tiny and cute, but chances are your baby won’t be able to wear newborn size longer than a week. Some bigger babies come out snuggly fitting newborn clothes already. Buy a week’s or 10 days’ worth of clothing in newborn size, then purchase 0 – 3 months. This will help you save a ton of cash. Unless your baby is a preemie or really, really tiny, you really do not need to purchase a great deal of newborn clothing.

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