Baby Items You Should Never Buy Used

Posted by Amanda Grace on February 04, 2015

Baby’s clothing can be expensive. Add the fact that babies outgrow their clothes by the week, and you can certainly understand why many new parents look for second-hand items for their little one.  

Add the cost of gear, diapers, supplies and other items your newborn needs, and you have a thousands of dollars shopping spree on your hands. Shopping at consignment shops, garage sales, and social media trading groups can help parents get everything from baby clothing to strollers at a discounted rate. While you certainly should take advantage of the deals and savings through these retailers, there are a few products that should never be purchased used. 

Car Seat

Buying a used car seat is always risky. It is possible that the seat has been involved in a recall or even an accident. Generally, instruction manuals do not come with used car seats, thus you lack very important information that can save your child should an accident occur. Other disadvantages of used car seats: items may be missing, stains and smells, and old and outdated. Never purchase a car seat used!

Breast Pump

Just the thought of using someone else’s breast pump should creep you out. We’d compare it to using a stranger’s toothbrush…not very appealing. Really, do you want used breast milk crust touching you? Using a used breast pump brings forth a number of health and sanitation issues. Rather than purchase a used pump, consider a less-expensive new model.


Never ever buy a used crib or use a model given to you by someone else. Cribs can also be recalled, which puts your infant in danger. Older models of cribs may not conform to the safety standards in place today. A used crib can put your little bundle of joy in a world of danger; just do not do it.


No sanitizer in this world can etch the thoughts of another mom’s breast milk being inside of a bottle. Even worse, the thought of your baby sucking on the same nipple as another slobbery baby. Bottles are not very expensive, so always shoot for purchasing them new.

Buying Secondhand: What you should know

There are many great secondhand deals out there waiting for you to enjoy for your new baby. You certainly want to take advantage of the money that you can save. However, make sure that you always opt for new when it pertains to the items listed above.  The potential problems with these used items just aren’t worth the risk to your little one.