Baby Clothes and Your Budget

Posted by Jo Ann Schlicker on August 19, 2015

You can almost see your baby growing. The clothes that friends gifted you fit yesterday but shrink on her today. You see a vision of the cash register whirring past the budget and eating into the grocery money because baby needs a new dress and her leggings are riding up on her, too.

You can keep her well dressed and pretty while saving money, and sometimes for free.

Organize a swap with your friends or neighbors. Everyone can bring the clean, well-kept clothes they no longer need and swap them for something new for baby and other family members as well. Refreshments and a social time make it more fun.

Well managed thrift stores sell clean, gently used merchandise. Many times, the original tags are still on the items. You can see that the sale price is a fraction of the original prices. The money you spend at a thrift supports a good cause.

Consignment shops can be brick and mortar stores near you or online. They sell clean, slightly worn clothes sold by other parents. You can often find brand names and designer clothes at a substantial savings over brand new. Best of all, you can resell the clothes later when your child outgrows them. Take that holiday dress worn only once and get bucks to buy her something new.

Watch for coupon saving for new baby clothes, outerwear like a snowsuit or winter jacket and even baby furniture.

Today’s parents have many more choices in finding low cost and free baby things. They can go online and find a whole world of baby duds that were unknown to previous generations. A search can open up opportunities you feel are right for you and your family.

Best of all, you can resell the clothes later when your child outgrows them. Start your search with Freecycle in the USA. It is a grassroots nonprofit group. It has a Facebook page you can use to join to find a local group near you. It  can involve furniture, household goods, and hardware items as well as baby things. There are also great tips from readers for reusing furniture and other items.

Another online site is but there are others. You can buy and sell things on  Craigslist.

Take the time to search and you may be surprised as to how much you can save just for sharing and researching.

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