Apps Can Save Your Child's Life

Posted by Janet Heinsler on April 02, 2015

With working full-time, taking care of your four kids, your husband, shopping and on and on, how do you keep track of where the kids are? Has Johnny gotten to his softball practice and Mary to her clarinet lesson? You are in a very important meeting but you want to make sure they arrived and are not in danger. You can’t interrupt the meeting but you are worried sick; what do you? The following apps are probably some of the best apps that can help you save your children’s lives.
Lassy Project. This is a free app from for Android and IPhones. It is based on the idea of an Amber alert when a child goes missing but is much more localized. It permits a parent to alert everyone in a neighborhood, called the “Lassy Village.”  This would allow you to put out an alert immediately when, or if, your child goes missing.

Mama Bear. As the name suggests this app acts like a mother bear would if her cub was under attack. It goes on the parent’s iPhone or Android phone and then on the child’s phone. Not only will it tell you where your child is at all times but it can tell you what social networks cites they are on and what they are posting. For those teens that are driving it will tell you how they are driving. It also will notify you if there is a cyber-attack on your child.

Pocket First Aide & CPR. Although you probably know how to put a band aide on and kiss a boo boo this app goes much further. Put out by the American Heart Association, this app gives you both written and video instructions on how to go CPR as well as other major first aid treatments.  Part of it also lets you store all of your medical information for easy access. This would be great for families that spend a lot of time outdoors maybe skiing, camping or boating.   
Life 360. This app is for Android and iPhones and allows you to see anyone you have in your circle immediately or look at the whole group at once. Are you worried about your son going to the library after school like he promised? Turn on the app and check and you will know exactly where he is at.  This will save you always making phone calls to find out where the kids are.
MakeSafeHappen. This app was put out by Nationwide’s Children Hospital and looks at the safety of your rooms. It goes room by room and lets you know what safety issues should be addressed by providing you a checklist for each room. For many of the safety items it provides a link to where you can get the safety feature.  It also allows you to enter safety alerts for things like changing the batteries in the smoke detector.
Army Survival. This app is only for the iPhone and is basically the Army field manual and contains all the information you would need to survive out on your own. This is one of the most well-known and authoritive source on the basics of survival, first aide, recovery and evasion. This would be great for those families who like to camp.
WebMD Allergy. This app allows you to put in all your families allergies and look at the allergy report for the area you will be in during the day. It provides weather reports to let you know the pollen account and the like. It also will provide personalized suggestions for the allergies that your families have.

Recalls. It seems like we can’t go a day without something being recalled, whether it is a car, a crib, a car seat or whatever. If we don’t keep on top of what is being recalled we could end up using something that is dangerous for us or our kids.  This includes all the recalls put out by five government agencies from the Food and Drug Administration to the Consumer Product Safety Organization.
FBI Child ID.  This is for the iPhone and is the first mobile ID app created by the FBI. This app provides space to electronically store photos of your child as well as other information on your child in case they get lost or abducted.  It is available to give to a police officer on the spot if they need it.  All of the information can be gathered into one email and sent to any police agency or other agency to help look for your child. There are also tips on how to keep your child safe and what to do the first hours after your child goes missing.
Emergency Radio. This is for iPhone only and is a modern day version of your police and fire radio. This radio has won awards and is a police scanner app offering a comprehensive database of live fire, EMS, police, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, train, coast guard, HAM radio and other frequencies. Tune in to everything from the New York Fire Department to the Los Angeles Police Department.