All About Your 18 Month Old

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 17, 2015

Your 18-month old baby is transitioning rapidly. He’s not yet a toddler, but not a baby any longer. He’s strong and independent with a mind of his own that he’s not afraid to express. By now your little one should be walking and talking up a storm, displaying his personality and learning so much each and every day.

Although he will still have a limited vocabulary, your 18-month old is fully capable of understanding many things that he or she is told. The more that something is said around the little one, the more he or she will understand what that word defines.

Your baby should be able to say his or her name and mama and dada will fulfil 25% of his vocal communication, not that either parent is going to mind hearing that sweet word uttered from the mouth of their babe. Continue to communicate with your child and help them learn new words each day. Their brains are growing and learning rapidly right now; take advantage of the opportunity.

Nap time may become a struggle with your 18-month old. Some children this age still take one short nap each day, but many cause a fuss over this once enjoyed activity. It is important that your toddler still take at least a short nap during the middle of the day or he’ll be ready to crash very early and up just the same. Temper tantrums and other outbursts are also more likely to occur when a toddler has failed to get that nap in for the day!

Crawling up the stairs will likely be a favorite activity for your toddler, but be sure to protect them from falls and the other dangers of stairs with the use of childproof gates.  You can expect your toddler to mimic everything that you do. I must say this is quite amusing to say the least. Your toddler will also be running up a storm and exploring everything that he or she can get his or her hands on. Allow them to fulfil their curiosity, as long as they are safe doing it.

You’ll need to schedule an appointment with the pediatrician for your 18-month old. Vaccinations are due at this time, and the doctor will also want to perform a check-up just to ensure that your little one is growing as expected and on track as far as development is concerned.

These are only some of the many excitements you can enjoy from your one and a half year old. It is fun being the parent of an 18-month old but there is so much more in store!