6 Ways to get Your Child Brushing

Posted by Amanda Grace on April 01, 2015

Brushing the teeth isn’t high on the list of favorite things for children, but it is still one of the most important. It is essential that good oral health care begin soon after your child is born, before the first tooth erupts.  Once the teeth begin coming in, brushing two times per day is essential. Rather than experience meltdowns when it is time to brush the teeth, take a look at these 6 tricks that will encourage your little one to brush away.

1. Make it a Fun Game

Encourage your child to brush their teeth by turning it into a fun game. You can brush together, humming the ABCs, who can brush the longest, etc. Children are inspired by mom and dad. Seeing you brush their teeth, and even brushing together, will certainly emphasise proper oral hygiene for your child.

2. Give them Compliments

Telling your child that you are proud that they brushed their teeth, ‘good job’ and other fun compliments will also encourage them to continue brushing. Children want to know they are making mom and dad proud. Your compliments ensure that they know just how proud you are.

3. Choose a Fun Flavor

These days you can find toothpaste in any flavor imaginable. If kids enjoy the flavor, brushing will never be a problem. Look out for flavors such as bubblegum and fruit brunch, both of which children love.

4. Buy a Toothbrush –with your Child

Take your child with you to choose a toothbrush. It will make them feel all grown up and like they should brush their teeth. There are many fun designs and styles of toothbrushes available; even those with rotating and spinning heads are available for children. Let your child help choose a toothbrush for optimum brushing results.


5. Use a Dissolving Agent

A dissolving agent is simply a tablet that the child chews, which shows, in color, plaque that is on their teeth. For children who are 6 or older, using this can really help them see how dirty their teeth are, which in turn will help them make the choice to brush their teeth.

6. Teach your Child how to Brush

Always teach your child how to brush their teeth. Do not expect them to know. When they are very young, you will probably also want to help them to ensure that you remove all bacteria and food particles from the teeth.