10 Awesome ways to Save Money

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 11, 2015

Saving money isn’t as difficult as some people would like to make it to be. In fact, if you desire saving more of your money there are numerous simple, easy adjustments that can be made to everyday life that will greatly reduce the costs being incurred each day. Take a look at 10 of the easiest way for you to save money without any invested effort.

1. Drink Water. Whether you are drinking Cola or Kool-Aid, it is expensive and not very good for your health. Start drinking more H20 to keep yourself hydrated and saving money. There isn’t a better drink.

2. Make a Grocery List. Individuals who create a grocery lists are much less likely to make impulse purchases, and they spend less time shopping in the store. The result is more time and more money and no one is complaining.

3. Turn It Off. A light left to burn for hours on end can result in hundreds of dollars of wasted energy each year. Reduce the number of light bulbs that you purchase by turning lights off when they are not in use while also cutting energy costs down considerably.

4. Use Coupons. Clip them, print them, but no matter what, use them. Coupons are not a waste of time and even if you do not decide to go all out like the ladies on Extreme Couponing you can still save a great deal of money and time with the use of coupons.

5. Free Stuff. There are many ways to get freebies. Sign up for email lists, birthday clubs and freebies websites that list special offers from different companies. You can rack up hundreds of dollars in freebies each and every year!

6. DIY. You can make birthday and holiday gifts rather than buy them from the store. You can paint the walls rather than hire a pro. There are tons of DIY methods that will save you cash.

7. Trade Services. Whether you need a sitter for the night or someone to run errands because you’re too busy, trading services can give you and a friend what you need without coming out of pocket to pay for it.

8. Think Consignment Store. A consignment store is a great place to shop if you’re looking for great quality, secondhand items at reduced prices. Shopping at these stores can save you as much as 90% on the things that you need, including clothing, furniture and more.

9. Quality Counts. It is tempting to purchase cheap products because, let’s face it, those brand names are expensive sometimes. However, if you think about it, the cost is actually less since you will get a product that works better and lasts longer while giving you less hassle. Buying a quality product can actually save you money!

10. Always Compare. Whether you need to purchase prescriptions or car insurance, new furniture or a car, it is imperative that you compare prices with several different retailers before purchasing. You will save so much money!